Harmony Riley, Irene Clarke, Michael Doherty, Wendy Grimmett, Hilda Davis, Joe Spiteri, Colin Small, Liz Ward, Dominic Ward, Sharon Jones, Steven Richards, Susan Cox, Mary Ward, Karen Palk, Jisha Philip, Cameron 18½yr, Tim Gallagher, Bernard Mason, Beryl Gayzer, Kerry Blunt.



Guidelines regarding the above Parish Sick and Housebound list:
If you would like your name, the name of a relative or the name of a friend to appear on the above "Parish Sick and Housebound" list, please contact the Parish Office on 01902 882215.

We need to ensure that consent is given by you, your relative or your friend, for the name(s) to be published in our Newsletter and Website.
This is now necessary to ensure our Parish takes proper care of your details and comply with "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR - May 2018)" .

Thank you.