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    Latest Dudley Covid-19 Updates from 1st April 2022


    Dudley test centres closed under new COVID-19 guidance:

    People who live and work in Dudley borough are being reminded that covid-19 test centres have now closed.

    The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests which detect the presence of the covid-19 virus in your body   and
    the LFT (Lateral Flow Test) tests which are used for testing people without symptoms of covid-19,  will be phased out for the majority of people in England. 

    As a consequence, the test centres at Orchard Lane, Flood Street and Studley Gate have now closed.

    Home test kit collection points have also now closed.

    People who are not eligible for free symptomatic testing and wish to test will be able to purchase LFT kits from high street pharmacies.


    From today (1 April 2022) free testing will only be available for people with symptoms if they are:

      1:  patients in hospital

      2:  eligible for treatments as they are at higher risk of getting seriously ill

      3:  living or working in high-risk settings such as Care Homes or the NHS


    5-11 Year Olds COVID-19 Vaccinations are Now Available:

    Children aged 5-11 are now eligible for their COVID-19 vaccine.

    You may take your child to a number of local sites to be vaccinated  –  no appointment needed.

    Vaccines are available from Monday 4 April 2022 but you may book an appointment from Saturday 2 April 2022.

    Click here to book or to find a walk-in site near you.



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    Dudley Council Plus
    Castle Street







    Advisors are taking calls by phone and residents may contact them on
    0300 555 2345

    If you are reporting an emergency, use
    0300 555 2345

    If this service is closed, a recorded message will advise what to do


    To contact an advisor
    telephone the main switchboard on

    0300 555 2345



    Specialist advice is available
    by telephone:

    0300 555 8100

    Council tax/business rates:
    0300 555 8000

    0300 555 7000

    Housing repairs:
    0300 555 8283

    Adult Social Care
    Access Team:
    0300 555 0055

    Children Social Care
    and Safeguarding: 
    0300 555 0050


    Click the blue button above to visit Dudley's own website
    for new or updated information on all its
    Frequently Used Services

    I thank you for cooperating with all Corona Virus requests

    Fr. Paul Edwards, PP


    St Chad's - SedgleySt Joseph's - DudleyBishop Milner

    Please click the blue button above to visit our schools' websites.
    On the next page, please click the "School Diary & Dates" link
    of the school of your choice to access its school diary
    for further term information and all other news

    Because space on our website is normally restrictred to events in both our parishes, it is difficult to include other informative data of the sort that are useful to as wide a range as possible for the benefit of our parishioners. This is only a minute amount of what is available on the government website but the links included here lead to many other areas of additional help and support. Unlike the wording of the title, not "everything" is included else there would not be room for the Newsletter and Parish Events!
    However, all the links open a treasure hove of useful services that not all people know existed.
    Click any of the coloured underlined links below to open the link page of your choice.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19):

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support


    Check what you need to do

    Services and information:

    Births, deaths, marriages and care
    Business and self-employed
    Childcare and parenting
    Citizenship and living in the UK
    Crime, justice and the law
    Disabled people
    Driving and transport
    Education and learning
    Employing people
    Environment and countryside
    Housing and local services
    Money and tax
    Passports, travel and living abroad
    Visas and immigration
    Working, jobs and pensions

    Departments and policies:

    How government works
    Guidance and regulation
    News and communications
    Research and statistics
    Policy papers and consultations
    Transparency and freedom of information releases

    This article was last updated on Tuesday 1 January 2022
    © MMXXII - All copyright(s) acknowledged


    (Registered Charity No. 234216)

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    On the Dudley Catholic Deanery website you will find contact details and links to websites, where they exist, for all the Catholic Parishes in the Deanery, together with Mass Times and details of our Catholic Schools.
    Our website brings together the Deanery resources and provides information about the Deanery wide activity.
    There are twelve parishes in the Dudley Deanery.
    The Dudley Deanery  is one of eighteen  deaneries which make up the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham.


    The table below lists the twelve parishes in the Deanery
    Please click any of the links to visit the parish

    English Martyrs - Rowley Regis Our Lady of Lourdes – Kingswinford
    Our Blessed Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury - Dudley St Chad and All Saints - Sedgley
    Our Lady & All Saints - Stourbridge St Francis Xavier - Oldbury
    Our Lady and St Hubert - Oldbury St Mary - Brierley Hill
    Our Lady and St Kenelm - Halesowen St Peter and the English Martyrs - Lower Gornal
    Our Lady of Lourdes - Cradley Heath The Sacred Heart and Holy Souls - Tipton



    Envelopes for 2021-2022 and Gift Aid Declaration forms
    are available for collection at both churches

    Please check we have your current address.
    Also, if you no longer pay income tax, please inform your Parish Gift Aid Organiser

    For UK taxpayers who contribute weekly, please consider completing a Gift Aid
    Declaration form to enable your Parish to claim 25% on your donation

    May we remind all Gift Aid Donors if your financial circumstances alter, for example,
    if you retire, please inform Fr Paul as soon as possible,
    because we are obliged to notify Cathedral House of any such changes.

    Thank You.


    Please clickto read the latest Car Park regulations in force from the end of July 2018

    The regulations were updated again in August 2019
    In order to avoid a fine, please do not delay to familiarise yourselves with their latest regulations


    Excerpts of an article written by a non-Catholic, Sam Miller,
    a prominent Cleveland (USA) Jewish businessman

    to read this informative article

    Click a link below to contact us by telephone, letter or e-mail:

    Parish Office

    e-mail for Parish Office

    e-mail for Webmaster





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