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    St Chad and All Saints Church (Sedgley)

    St Chad Church

    St Peter and The English Martyrs (Lower Gornal)

    St Peter Church
    Lower Gornal

    Welcome to our parish website homepage

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    We should like to extend a very warm welcome to our neighbouring parishes of
    The Sacred Heart and Holy Souls, Tipton, and 
    Our Blessed Lady and St. Thomas of Canterbury, Dudley,
    on the inauguration of their website 

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    May their Souls and the Souls of all faithful departed

    Rest In Peace.  Amen.

    We are saddened by and regret sharing the
    following very sad news with you.
    We offer the grieving families our prayers and
    condolences over their bereavement.


    Queen Elizabeth II  RIP

    Mary Spiteri RIP

    Marie Nicholls RIP

    Emiliana Plant RIP

    Evelyn Turtle RIP

    Derek Rafferty RIP

    Florence Cox RIP

    Hazel Shakespeare RIP

    Cecilia Rolasson RIP

    Giuseppe Salamdeno RIP

    Thomas Moore RIP

    Eileen Sexton RIP

    Martin Coohill RIP

    Gwendoline Taylor RIP

    Shirley Stanley RIP

    Mark Kinsman RIP

    Michael John Bowen RIP

    Andy Blunt RIP

    Mavis Glover RIP

    Joyce Boyle RIP

    Catherine Brady RIP

    Glenys Slater RIP

    Derek Millard RIP

    Barbara Dixon RIP

    Audrey McDonnell RIP

    Veronica Boyle RIP



    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, RIP

    Theresa Mitchell RIP

    Fred Wilkes RIP

    Alwyn Manley RIP

    Ivy Rollason RIP

    Albert Wynn RIP

    Josephine Cox RIP

    John Price RIP

    Hedwig Granger RIP

    Fr D Lloyd RIP

    Josie Johnson RIP

    Elsie Holden RIP

    Margaret Gordon RIP

    Margaret Corcoran RIP

    Louisa Blackwell RIP

    Bernard Oakley RIP

    Rosemary Sheran RIP

    John P Hickman RIP

    Irene Drummond RIP

    Bernard Ward RIP

    Anthony Walters RIP

    Matthew O'Toole RIP

    Harry Jones RIP

    Gerry Mulligan RIP

    Harry Jones RIP

    Martin Bridge RIP


    Dear Parishioners,
    Please notify us of your sad bereavement as soon as you feel able to,
    so that we may announce it here in our Parish Obituary column. 
    Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
    Thank You.

    Some very minor cosmetic changes have been made to our familiar Homepage.

    The older, six-years old Menubar at the top of this page, along with all its many links to our website,
    has been reorganised into a more prominent, visual display area and the contents are now
    in alphabetical order for easier navigation and your convenience.

    There are no changes to anything below this simple announcement.

    Our website host, Church Edit, is planning its own changes soon to update its service to make
    our own website an ever better experience.

    (Updated on 17 February 2023)

    Please read this section

    Our website was last updated on Friday 17 March 2023



    Dear Parishioners, Visitors and Friends,
    Our website is updated very frequently throughout the week.

    To make sure you receive the most recent updated version
    of all news and events at our Parish Churches please

    press theF5key on your Computer keyboard or Laptop,
    OR the Update function on your Mobile device.

    Every day of every week brings with it reports, news, changes,
    and other contributions of a varied
     nature and all have to be
    edited to fit on the pages of our 
    newsletter and on our website.

    All information received is entered into our office diary as soon as reported
    and published in our newsletter and our website in chronological order.
    This ensures that no news whatsover is left out,
    and everybody's contribution is published as close to the date
    reported or requested as is physically possible.



     Monday Afternoons  2:00pm-4:00pm

    Thank you to all the members for your support and to all
    who organize this very successful club

    7:30pm till late. Tickets £3 include Raffle

    Ballroom, Sequence and Line Dancing
    Bring your own refreshments. Come along, you will be very welcome

    Wednesday Afternoons 1:30pm-3:30pm.  Entry £2

    Our weekly get-together for Over Sixties.  Come along for a coffee, a chat, a quiz and a game of Bingo
    Contact Maureen Burford (Tel: 07976 226950) for more information or just pop in on Wednesdays






    Dudley Council Plus
    Castle Street




    Click the blue button
    above for
    Dudley Website


    To contact an advisor
    telephone the main switchboard on

    0300 555 2345


    An operator will take your call and transfer you to the correct department

    Use the same number above for any emergencies

    When the service is closed, a recorded message will advise what to do

    Alternatively click the blue button
    on the left to visit Dudley's own website


    Specialist advice is available
    by telephone:

    0300 555 8100

    Council tax/business rates:
    0300 555 8000

    0300 555 7000

    Housing repairs:
    0300 555 8283

    Adult Social Care
    Access Team:
    0300 555 0055

    Children Social Care
    and Safeguarding: 
    0300 555 0050


    Please click any of the blue links listed below to see more information
    for household waste collection and other services provided
    for residents by Dudley Council

    (All links open on a new page)

    Rubbish Collection (Wheelie Bin or Black Plastic Sack Collection)

    Kerbside Collection (Black Plastic Box and Blue and Green bags)

    Household Waste and Recycling Centre:  "The Tip" at Stourbridge

    Garden Waste (Green Wheelie Bin)

    Reduce and Reuse

    Plastic Recycling

    Special Collections

    Assisted Collections

    Commercial Waste

    Inclement Weather



    Cost of living

    Advice and information to support anyone struggling with the rising costs of
    day-to-day life can be found on the council's website.

    There you will find lots of information on what to do if you need help
    with household costs, everyday essentials such as food, clothes and medicines,
    child related costs or are struggling to pay debts.

    There’s also advice on budgeting and support for struggling businesses.


    Please click the above blue button to visit Dudley Website


    If your prefer, or you cannot access the website, 

    please telephone 0300 555 2345 for direct help and advice

    (End of Dudley DMBC section)

                               Click the black image above left to go the government website direct                                                                                                                     

    Because space on our website is normally restrictred to events in both our parishes, it is difficult to include other informative data of the sort that are useful to as wide a range as possible for the benefit of our parishioners. This is only a minute amount of what is available on the government website but the links below included here lead to many other areas of additional help and support.

    Unlike the wording of the title, not "everything" is included else there would not be room for the Newsletter and Parish Events! However, all the links open a treasure of useful services that not all people know existed.

    Click any of the blue underlined links below to open the link page of your choice.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19):

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support

    Please Note: The information published here is changed
    very frequently by the government.

    Some links may no longer be active because of such
    updates and amendments.

    Services and information:

    Births, deaths, marriages and care
    Business and self-employed
    Childcare and parenting
    Citizenship and living in the UK
    Crime, justice and the law
    Disabled people
    Driving and transport
    Education and learning
    Employing people
    Environment and countryside
    Housing and local services
    Money and tax
    Passports, travel and living abroad
    Visas and immigration
    Working, jobs and pensions

    Departments and policies:

    How government works
    Guidance and regulation
    News and communications
    Research and statistics
    Policy papers and consultations
    Transparency and freedom of information releases

    This article was last updated on Tuesday 24 January 2023
    © MMXXIII - All copyright(s) acknowledged


    Please click the blue button above to visit the website


    UPDATED WEBSITE (May 2022)
    The older version of the Dudley Deanery website is no longer available.

    The updated version is now hosted in the main Birmingham Archdiocese website.
    All the churches in the Birmingham Archdiocese are now listed in eleven separate deaneries.

    The unified listings contain much more information for each church than previously.

    The table below lists twelve churches in the vicinity of Dudley for your convenience
    Please click any of the blue links to visit the church website of your choice

    English Martyrs - Blackheath Our Lady of Lourdes – Kingswinford
    Our Blessed Lady & St Thomas of Canterbury - Dudley St Chad and All Saints - Sedgley
    Our Lady & All Saints - Stourbridge St Francis Xavier - Oldbury
    Our Lady & St Hubert - Warley St Mary - Brierley Hill
    Our Lady & St Kenelm - Halesowen St Peter & the English Martyrs - Lower Gornal
    Our Lady of Lourdes - Cradley Heath The Sacred Heart and Holy Souls - Tipton


    Click a link below to contact us by telephone, letter or e-mail:

    Parish Office

    e-mail for Parish Office

    e-mail for Webmaster




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    Adult Education (Maryvale Institute): 0121 360 8118

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